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Kiitos kun latasit tehtävän! Tämä tehtävä on esimerkki MBAn rahoituksen kurssilta. Tehtävään valmennetaan paitsi lähi- ja etäopetuksen sessioissa, myös itseopiskelumateriaalien kautta. Tehtävässä hyödynnetään tietokantoja kuten Pro-share, Northcote ja FT, jotka sisältyvät oppimisympäristön tarjontaan.

Sample Assignment Brief  – Financial Decision-making

The aim of this assignment is to test students’ knowledge and understanding of key accounting and corporate finance concepts, theories and tools that can be used to critically analyse organisations. It will also test the ability to present non-financial information.


You have been asked to write a report to the board of directors of one of the selected companies below as part of the interview process for your first appointment as a Finance Director of a company listed on AIM (which is the Alternative Investment Market for small companies) within the London Stock Exchange (LSE). The board of directors have asked you to write a report about your vision and strategic financial goals for the company.

The companies are within a selected sector of the AIM. Assume that your selected company has ambitions and plans to become a FTSE 100 (the largest UK listed companies) company in the near future.


You need to introduce the company, discuss the product or services, location, turnover, number of employees, etc. The report should be maximum 2,000 words (+/- 10%). Remember you need to make an impression on the board of directors for you to be considered for the critical post of Finance Director.

The essence of this assignment is to test your knowledge and understanding of key accounting and corporate governance concepts, theories and tools and ability to present data in a concise manner. 

Section A- 1600 words.

  1. Analyse the performance of your chosen company using relevant financial and non-financial ratios (5 years). Your analysis should include profit ratios, efficiency, liquidity and other ratios that you consider relevant.

Section B – 400 words

  1. Critically evaluate the company’s corporate governance compliance and its impact on the brand and reputation as reported in the press (print, online and social media)
  2. Discuss the proposed medium term financial strategies for your selected company to become a FTSE100 company or for your company to become dominant in the industry / sector.

[List of companies and their market capitalisation removed, copyright University of Northampton]

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