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Sample Assignment Brief of the Strategic Management Unit

Part 1 (2000 Words)

Select a company from the following list:

  • DHL
  • Netflix
  • Greencore
  • BP
  • HSBC
  • Goldman & Sachs
  • Virgin
  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Marks & Spencer

Establish a company profile detailing the following:

  1. Industry(s) structure
  2. Market Position,
  3. Country markets and size
  4. A brief background of the company

Discuss the extent to which your selected company has engaged with, and succeeded in (or not) the following areas when compared to their closest competition:

  1. Innovation and Strategic Innovation
  2. CSR, governance and ethics
  3. Strategic capability and core competences

Part 2 (2000 words)

Critically evaluate the performance of your selected company highlighting competitive strengths, market position and areas where improvement across the value chain may be required.

  1. Part A (2): Using your evaluation propose a strategic plan for the same company using appropriate tools to explain and justify your strategic choices (with sources of theory and practice based examples). Consider the company’s pursuit of competitive advantage in your discussion.
  2. Part B: Reflect upon the module as a whole. Consider the online learning activities and e-tivities. What have your learnt from these? How has your thinking progressed when observing a holistic strategic view of organisations in their markets? To what extent will the module support you in your career development, and how?

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